How to Use the Statistics Module 


Overview: This article is intended to provide a series of steps on how to use the Statistics module.  


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 Type of System Access: The Type of System Access (Permissions) needed to follow this article is: Regional. 


How to Run the Query 

Step 1 Click Statistics in the Navigation Panel. 



Step 2 The statistics page will open. Click in the Select field to select the required zone. 



  • Note: Only volunteers with Regional System Access will have the ability to navigate through different zones within the region as well as viewing both chart and table of information. 

Step 3 Click in the date fields(s), then use the arrows to navigate to the desired month and year to select your Start Date and/or End Date 

  • Note: You may also manually input the dates in the date fields, using the year/month/day (YYYY/MM/DD) format. 



Step 4 Click Run Query. The charts will display totals for the Zone for the selected date range. The table below the charts will display data for each Facility within the zone. 



Step 5 Click Reset Query to return to the data originally presented. 

How to Export a Query  

Step 1 To export the chart data to a file, click Export Chart Data.  



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Step 2 Select CSV; a spreadsheet will be exported with all the information contained within the chart. 



Step 3 To export the table data to a file, click Export Table Data; a spreadsheet will be exported with all the information contained within the table. 


How to Print a Query 


Step 1 To print the data in the chart and table as it appears on the screen, click Export Chart Data and select Print Screen. 


Last updated:  March 27, 2022