How To Log In


Step 1  To get started, select the Link next to “Log in here:” in your Gate Access Registration Email. The link should take you to the URL: Then using your UserName (your email address) and the temporary Password, sign into Gate Access.  You will then be directed to change your password immediately.



Step 2  When you login you will be required to change your password.

Step 3   After changing your password, you will be directed back to the login screen. Enter your username (your email address) and the new password you just created.


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Step 4   After logging in you will be directed to the My Ministry landing page.  Select Support from the navigation bar to help you get started.  



Step 5   On this webpage you will see several articles to help you get started.  Please take the time to go through and read these articles. You can refer to them at any time by selecting Support from the navigation bar.  New articles will be added periodically, so check back often.


Step 6   If you still need help after reading a knowledge article, return to the main calendar screen and select the icon at the bottom right of the page for online support M-F (7am-7pm CST) and Sat (7am-11pm CST).

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Last Updated:  March 24, 2022