This article will show you the features and functionality of the Gate Access website available to you when you log in as a Volunteer. We will discuss the intended use of each section, and how you can use them to support your ministry.



As a user of Gate Access, you will be assigned the Volunteer role. When logging in to Gate Access, you will see the following tools and features in your landing page that will help you with your prison ministry.


  • Calendar: The Calendar can be used to see available shifts and meetings, currently scheduled shifts and meetings, and/or your time off. 



  • Shifts and Meetings: When a day is selected on the calendar, the Shifts and Meetings card will display any available shifts or meetings.


  • My Schedule:  When a day is selected on the calendar, the My Schedule card will display assigned shifts or meetings for the day.  By clicking the ellipsis, you can select additional information for the specified activity.  


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In the Navigation Bar on the left of the page, you will see several more features: Correspondence, Experiences, Profile, Support, and Logout.



  • Experiences: Click Add Experience to record a positive experience in your prison witnessing.


  • Profile: Here you can add a profile picture, edit your personal information, review your theocratic information, review assigned facilities, opt-in to receive text messages, or reset your password.



  • Support: Click Support to open a new browser tab with the Gate Access Support Page. Here, you will find How-To articles and answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) provided to help you use the features of Gate Access. 



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  • Logout: Click Logout to exit the Gate Access website.






Last Updated:  March 10, 2022