Overview: This article is intended to provide a series of steps on how to submit a Field Service Report for an Inmate who is identified as Baptized or Unbaptized Publisher.   


Type of System Access: The Type of System Access (Permissions) needed to follow this article is at minimum Facility (System Access Defaults). 


Important Notes 

  • The Facility Contact will not be able to submit the Inmate’s service report if:   
  1. a Congregation has not been designated.  
  2. the Inmate Status has not been set to Baptized or Unbaptized Publisher in the Inmate Profile


Step 1 Select Inmates in the Navigation Bar to enter the Inmates Module. 




Step 2 Locate the appropriate Inmate and click on the Edit icon.



Step 3 Click the Field Service Activity accordion, then on Report Time. The Report Activity pop-up will appear.   

Note: You will not be able to enter Field Service Activity if the Inmate Status field has not been updated to reflect Baptized or Unbaptized Publisher.    



Step 4 Select the Month and Year for the Service Report. Fill out applicable counts for the following fields: 

  • Placements (Printed & Digital) 
  • Video Showings 
  • Hours 
  • Return Visits 
  • Studies (Different Studies)  




Step 5 Click on Update to submit the Inmate’s Field Service Report.  (The report submitted will not show up on the Inmate Profile until the page is refreshed.)

Note: An email will be sent to the Congregation Secretary identified by the Congregation to which the Inmate is assigned.  




Last Updated:  March 5, 2022