How do I add an Inmate’s Correspondence?

The Correspondence Module is a way to document correspondence sent to and received from an inmate. The option to upload a PDF version of a letter sent or received rests with the volunteer, however a note will be required in all instances.  To add correspondence to or from an inmate, please follow the steps below. 

Chrome or Edge are the only two supported browsers to use to upload documents and access Gate Access.

Step 1 Click on Correspondence in the Navigation Bar.


Step 2 Locate the inmate to whom you want to add correspondence. Click on the envelope icon.

You will now be taken inside of the Inmate Correspondence List for the specific Inmate.


Step 3 Click on Add Document 

You will see all the fields that are required “*” and optional.

Step 4 Select who the correspondence is From. 

Step 5 Add the Date of the correspondence. 

Step 6 Select a Correspondence Type 

Step 7 Enter Correspondence Notes. 

Step 8  Optional:  At any time, a volunteer can add a PDF version of a sent or received letter.  To do so, Select a Document Type.  

Step 9  Optional:  Enter a Document Name. 

Step 10  Optional:  Upload the correspondence through one of two options:


Option 1 – Drag and drop the document into the box.


Option 2 – Click the box. A popup box will appear. 

In the popup box:

  • Navigate to the location that the correspondence file is saved on your computer.
  • Click the file and it will appear in the Name.
  • Click Open.


Step 11  Click Save.



 Last Updated:  September 22, 2021