Step 1   From Calendar home page, select Volunteers from the left tool bar.

Step 2   To add a volunteer, select Add Volunteer button on the right side of your screen.

Step 3  On the New Volunteer profile page you will start entering in the volunteers information. NOTE: The User Name must be the volunteer's email address. For Password, enter a simple password as the volunteer will be prompted to change immediately.

Step 4  When done, select Create at the top. Note: Immediately after selecting Create, the volunteer will get an email at the address you entered as user name and they will be asked to change their password. They will not be an active user until they do this.


Step 1  From calendar home page, select volunteers from left tool bar.

Step 2  Find the Volunteer you want and select the Edit icon to the left of their name.

Step 3 Scroll down and select System Settings.

Step 4  Here you will select the type of access this volunteer will have in this facility. Use the drop down boxes to complete Facility Access and System Access.  

Step 5   Next select Facility Management.  This will allow you to select the facilities this volunteer can have access to.

Step 6  Select the small plus sign next to Facility Assignments. 

Step 7   From the drop down box, select the Facility this volunteer can enter, the Gender of facility and the Expiration date of volunteers badge if known. (Otherwise leave Expiration field blank)  

NOTE: If you don't see the facility in the drop down box, you must first create this facility (see knowledge article HOW TO CREATE A FACILITY) 

To add access to multiple facilities, Select the small plus sign again and add the other facilities.

Step 8  When done select Update