Step 1.  From Calendar Home Page, Select Meetings From Left Toolbar.

Step 2.    Next Select Meeting Templates From Right Side of Screen.

Step 3.    There are Currently No Templates, So Select Add Template to Get Started

Step 4    Here You Can Name Your Recurring Meeting.

Step 5.    Select the Small Plus Sign Next to Meeting Assignments to Add Details to This Meeting such as Conductor and Reader.  If Nothing is in The Drop Down Box, You Must Add Meeting Parts First ( See Knowledge Article on How to Add Meeting Parts)

Step 6.  You Can Add More Meeting Parts by Selecting the Small Plus Sign Again. If you Need to Delete a Part, Select the Trash Can On That Line.

Step 7.   Select Create When Done.

Step 8.   Your Will See Your Template Here.   To Add More Templates, Select Add Template and Create Another One

              NOTE:   See Knowledge Base Article How to Use Templates Once Created