Step 1.   From Calendar Home Page, Select Meetings From Left Toolbar

Step 2.     Select Meeting Parts On Right Side of Screen

Step 3.     All Meeting Parts Will Appear Under Parts, Currently there are None.  Select Add Meeting Parts to Start Adding Different Parts Such as Watchtower, Broadcast, Etc.

Step 4.     Name Your Meeting Part, Then Select The Box Meeting Part Details if You Want to Add More Details to this Part. Next, Select The Small Plus Sign Next to Details, This Will Allow You to Name Your Details Such as Reader, Conductor, etc.  You Can Select The Small Plus Sign Again to Add More Details

Step 5.   Select Create When Done

Step 6.    You Will Now See Your Meeting Part.  Continue to Select Add Meeting Parts to Add New Parts Such as Broadcast, Talk, Life and Ministry Meeting, etc.   

NOTE:  You Can Create A Meeting Template for Recurring Weekly Meetings. (See How to Create Meeting Template Knowledge Article)