Step 1.   From Calendar Home Page Select Facilities from Left Toolbar

Step 2.   From the Facilities Page, Select Add Facility on the Right Side of Screen

Step 3.   Next You will Enter All the Information For This Facility.   If There is a Minimum/Maximum Number of Inmates Required To Hold a Meeting, Please Enter it. 

Step 4.   Shifts - By Selecting the Small Plus Sign Next to Shifts, You Can Add Shifts/Times Ones Can Go Into This Facility to Conduct Meetings or For General Access. 

EX: We Are Allowed To Go Into The Facility On Tuesday and Thursday From 8-6, You Need to Create a Shift For Tuesday and Thursday With the Time Frames.  If We Can Go Into A Facility Everyday EXCEPT During Shift Change You Will Need to Create Split Shifts... EX: Monday A Shift 8-2PM,  Monday B Shift 3-7PM.  Make Sure to Include The Number of Volunteers That Can Enter During This Shift, If There is No Restrictions Enter 99

Step 5.   Enter the Facility Contact ( Overseer or Main Person Responsible for This Facility)  

Select Create When Done.