Step 1   From the calendar home screen, use the drop down box to locate the facility.  If you don't see the facility 

you want, you must first be added by that facilities contact (The brother who oversees that facility). 

Step 2    All scheduled meetings and general access at this facility will be highlighted on the calendar. If you select 

a date, a note will appear at the bottom of the screen showing if this is a meeting or general access and if there is 

any availability. 

Step 3   Select the access note at the bottom on calendar, then a pop up box will appear to the right of calendar. 

Select Request for access on this day. You will immediately receive a pop up box stating you have been added 

on this day.

Step 4   If you look back at your personal calendar, all scheduled meetings and general access assigned to you 

will be highlighted.  If you select a highlighted date a note will appear at bottom of calendar with more information.

Note   If you need to cancel a general access shift, select the note at bottom of calendar and 

select Delete from the pop up box.